About the site


Jesus Falcis tried out blogging in December 2016 through a public FB page to counter the fake news and propaganda being massively peddled by Duterte bloggers. In November 2017, he decided to set up this website to be able to blog independently of but amplified by social media. He focuses on writing his legal and political opinions on current events and correcting fake news or propaganda.



About him


Jesus Falcis is an openly gay lawyer handling public interest cases such as the fight for marriage equality in the Philippines. While rare for a young and newly-minted lawyer, he handles cases before the Supreme Court. At the age of 30, he won his first case when the court issued a decision (G.R. No. 225442) striking down the curfew ordinances in Manila and Navotas while upholding the one in Quezon City.

He is a full-time lecturer and currently part of the faculty of the Department of Political Science in Far Eastern University Manila. He has taught law-related subjects such as Media Law and Ethics, Politics and Governance with the New Constitution, International Law, and Introduction to Law to undergraduate students.

He obtained his Political Science degree from FEU Manila in 2010. He then took up law in the College of Law, University of the Philippines – Diliman and obtained his Juris Doctor degree in 2014. He took the bar exams in October 2014. Right after, he started teaching in November while waiting for the results of the exam. He was admitted to the bar when the results were announced in 2015. He took the bar exams only once, contrary to the fake news being peddled around by Duterte bloggers and supporters.

He was an Asian debate champion in 2013 representing the University of the Philippines Debate Society. He has been helping coach the Philippine team to the World Schools Debate Championship since 2010. He has traveled to over more than 10 countries in Asia to judge debate tournaments and conduct debate workshops, most notably the Asian Debate Institute in South Korea, involving both the British Parliamentary and Asian Parliamentary format.