Gloria Macapagal Arroyo: Rodrigo Duterte’s PUPPET MASTER

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo: Rodrigo Duterte’s PUPPET MASTER

Gloria Arroyo will replace Pantaleon Alvarez as Speaker of the House of Representatives. I was told the same thing by an insider.

Let that sink in.

Now the dots are clearer and I will not be called a conspiracy theorist.

The rise of Duterte is a function of the convergence of interests of Gloria Arroyo + Bongbong Marcos + Alan Peter Cayetano.

PGMA in a wheel chair

Gloria Arroyo:

  1. Prevent Daang Matuwid 2.0 to allow her to get back to power
  2. Get back at Noynoy Aquino for (rightfully) holding her accountable for corruption
  3. Get back at Chief Justice Sereno for (rightfully) displacing Corona and the Arroyo court

BBM with Erap and Enrile

Bongbong Marcos:

  1. Revise history and attack the Aquino legacy to allow for a comeback of the Marcos brand
  2.  Get his corrupt and murderous father Ferdinand Marcos Sr. buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani
  3.  Abolish the PCGG which is still continuing to recover Marcos ill-gotten wealth

Alan Peter Cayetano:

  1. Have a shot at the Presidency (asa ka pa!!) by being VP and having a road to 2022
  2.  Enjoy a lavish lifestyle as DFA Secretary and cement the Cayetano influence politics – in Taguig (through wife) and in Congress (through sister Pia while he is in the Executive)
  3.  Get all the people he promised appointments to be in government – from fake news bloggers to career government officials

Duterte is corrupt as hell. Only a person corrupt as hell will agree to be backed by and support these three people. Na Duterte ang Pilipinas! It’s time to wake up and take our democracy and values back.

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